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SEQ on the failure of the LON

posted Oct 14, 2010 14:29:14 by YouDuen
Question: To what extent was the failure of mandates the main reason that made the League of Nations weak? EYA.

Sir, would the other 2 factors be:
1) Absence of the USA resulted in weakened authority/credibility of the LON
2) Member countries put their own interests first (Italy and Corfu Islands, Ruhr invasion by France, Britain's reluctance to get involved)

Can the LON's reliance on usage of the world's public opinion and the redundancy of the use of sanctions and force be another factor?

And do the mandates refer to former German and Turkish colonies? How were they failures and how did it lead to the LON appearing weak?

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hendrikboerner said Oct 15, 2010 10:23:38
I am just thinking that the failure of mandates would refer to the failures of the Mandates Commission of the LON. So the other 2 factors may have to be on 2 other commissions of the LON, like the International Court of Justice or the International Labour Organisation or the General Assembly.

I think the failure of mandates would already refer to the Member nations putting their interests at first like in the Abyssinian Crisis.

The failure of the International Court of Justice would refer to the failures and inability to maintain justice such as in the Corfu Incident.

The failure of ther GA would be how members can come and leave like Japan did after invading Manchuria in 1931.

But lets see what Mr.Khoo says because the given factor is very vague/incomprehensible. :)
khookymonster said Oct 15, 2010 14:59:20
1. absence of US, yes. 2. Self-interest yes. there4 LON lack moral authority. seen as self-serving. Your suggested factors seem vague. frankly i dunno why mandates were failures. is it refering to LON mandates ie. rule over german colonies til plesbicite eg. saar OR mandate as in moral authority as organisation representing all nations.

Hendrik: good point but dun have to be so technical abt what other factors can be used. but your factors are very good. shows you have a good grasp of the facts! that is KEY!
timeisnot4waiting said Oct 19, 2010 11:16:27
Sir, then we may use any factors as long as we have proper links ?
khookymonster said Oct 20, 2010 12:19:58
no... wat do u mean by any factor? it has to be topically-related, chronologically applicable, and it should really answer the qtn either in cumulative, contributory or critical role. and there must be FACTS FACTS FACTS.
timeisnot4waiting said Oct 20, 2010 15:34:00
For example, is there anyway Eastern Europe's status the factor of the division of Germany in 1949 ?
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