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SEQ Questions about Factors.

posted Oct 14, 2010 13:52:43 by hendrikboerner
What would be the 3 factors for the reasons for Germany's recovery after WW1?
1.International Aid 2. Stresemann's Reforms 3. World Disarmament Initiatives
and What would be the 3 factors for the slow economic recovery of Germany?
1.Effects of TOV 2.Political Unrest 3. Great Depression
(All the 1s are the given factors and the 2s and 3s are guesses)
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khookymonster said Oct 15, 2010 14:52:57
4. security initiatives: kellog-brian, locarno
4. Need to specify time period. French occupation of Ruhr. x GD, that's second phase of slow econ recovery.
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