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main reason why cold war escalated?

posted Oct 16, 2010 15:34:43 by rainyarrows
- berlin blockade(given) - physical manifestation of differences between communism and democracy (USSR wanted to starve West Berlin into submission)
- truman doctrine - containment policy to prevent spread of influcence (seen by Stalin as threat and that USA was hostile) e.g. removing communism in Greece and Turkey
- iron curtain speech made by churchill. the term angered stalin, as he accused churchill of strring up trouble bewtweeen usa and ussr

truman doctrine most impt. trumen doctrine (contain communism) -> berlin blockade (defend communism due to trizonia by british, fench and usa, want to force them out)
speech merely escalated tension

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hendrikboerner said Oct 17, 2010 06:52:46
haha I'm curious to the answer to this too.
if this came out, I might just write about
1.Berlin Blockade, (NATO, strengthened justification of containment, led to Warsaw Pact also)
2.Communist victory in China and ( loss of China, West Support for KMT wasted, west felt the growth of communism, containment)
3.Korean War. (Got China involved, huge mess, new border for the Cold War)
Conclude: Berlin Blockade was the most important. It tested both parties resolve to back down and led to both parties strengthening their hate for each other, The China Victory and Korean War were just continuations of the story as the tensions had already been escalated before by Berlin Blockade.

I thought about events in Greece, (led to the Truman Doctrine of Containment) but that was before the Berlin Blockade. Actually, in such topics, do we have to give 2 other factors that are events?
Like if they ask about economic factors, the other 2 factors are possibly social factors and political factors or military factors.
if they ask about a person, the other 2 factors would be 2 other people.
if they ask about an event, would the other 2 factors also have to be events?

khookymonster said Oct 17, 2010 09:50:32
hendrik: generally true but dun confine yourself to that. show encompassing knowledge,don't be a***.
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