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Stalin & Khrushchev

posted Oct 18, 2010 12:43:50 by hongyijun94
Source C is reliable, reason: the book ‘Childhood of Stalin’ is a book about his past(stalin really did want the publisher to burn the book as it contained atrocities of his past, did not want his efforts in establishing a lasting cult of personality in USSR derailed)

By getting the publisher to burn the book, it proves that he wanted to enforce his cult of personality and make it more lasting by not allowing any loopholes in his totalitarian regime so that he would be able to propagate his cult of personality effectively like in his self-written biography of himself in 1948 (source D) as mentioned by Khrushchev. If he had not gotten the publisher to burn the book, his legitimacy as a leader could possibly be disputed and undermined. As no one knew about his past so they could easily be indoctrinated into believing that he was a glorious, perfect leader, which justifies why he could shamelessly exaggerate facts about himself in the 1948 book which is in conjunction with what Khrushchev said in Source D and hence Source C proves that what Khrushchev said was true in Source D subsequently proving that it is reliable
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khookymonster said Oct 18, 2010 12:47:29
so the motive of C proves that D is reliable? I'm just a little worried about childhood & atrocities....
khookymonster said Oct 18, 2010 12:48:06
but hey it's a wonderful perspective!
hongyijun94 said Oct 18, 2010 13:00:39
khoo says:
Is there a way to argue fr higher level that c does not prove d is reliable?
Ur motive of c argument proves d is reliable
Yijun`(= Get stronger says:
i guess thats if consider the stories of childhood of stalin as exaggerations, unmerited praise and things like that
khoo says:
Can u think of any way of c does not prove d using (c+p) + I where c = content p = provenance i = inference
Yijun`(= Get stronger says:
because when you see the source
its stalin
gut feel tells you that
hey this is the dictator of the USSR
the master of propaganda or something
so it should be unreliable
khookymonster said Oct 18, 2010 13:03:24
that's sounds like L2/2
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