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Does E prove that D was true?

posted Oct 20, 2010 12:56:17 by Natdanai
It's from Tamil Tsunami 2193 yr08

1(d) Does Source prove that what the UN claimed in Source D was true?

Is it to use the content from C and cross check with E ?
And for the highest level, we are to check C or E?
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khookymonster said Oct 20, 2010 13:01:00
does source C prove that the claims in Source E was true..

focuses on the reliability of C. so the real qtn is C proves? or C does not prove... AND NOT... E was true or not true that is not the issue.


1. say what E says
2. and say what C says.. if C supports.. there is reason to believe E is true and vice versa. this is the CR level
3. tackle the element of "prove" while it may show and the claims may agree, it DOES NOT PROVE. by examining the (C+P)+I of the source.

here's the report:
Only a minority of answers actually addressed the issue of proof; for most candidates, proof means no more than agreement/disagreement. This meant that the large majority of answers simply compared Sources D and E. Two conclusions were possible: that Source E did prove the UN’s claims in Source D because it showed a child soldier recruited by the Tigers, or that it did not prove it because, although it showed a child soldier, the Tigers in Source D denied the UN’s claims. For those candidates alert to the real issue, Source E could not possibly constitute proof, since it predated the tsunami, and answers based on this perception were given the highest marks. Had the candidates’ understanding of the concept of proof been more developed, other routes to answering the question would have been possible, for example by evaluating Source E using its provenance – why might a human rights organisation have chosen this particular picture to illustrate its article? A very small number of answers also earned top marks by arguing that although this photograph could not constitute proof, it nonetheless made the claims in Source D more likely to be true.
khookymonster said Oct 20, 2010 13:01:43
sorry so the final level of evaluation check the purpose of C not E
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