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SBQ "Are you surprized.....?"

posted Oct 20, 2010 11:35:01 by Natdanai
For this type of question, what is really the format of its answer?
Is it "Yes AND No + highest level" or "Yes OR No + cross-reference + highest level" ?
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khookymonster said Oct 20, 2010 12:17:11
1. content of source
2. cr to support or contradict. (support = i am not surprised; contradict = i am surprised) and explain WHY
3. critical analysis

here's what the report has to say abt ARE YOU SURPRISED qtn:

The most basic answers identified what it was in Source B that surprised them (or not), but then
failed to give a reason. There was a fair range of possible reasons to explore. The provenance of
the source offered one route, as it was produced by an independent organisation based in India,
which suggested at the very least that this organisation was free to say what it liked about the Sri
Lankan government’s response to the tsunami. Cross-reference to other sources was often used,
most often to the contradiction between Sources A and B, but also to Source C which seemed to
confirm what Source B was saying. The problem with any of these cross-references was that each
of the sources had its own agenda, and it was these agendas which explained the stances taken in
the sources. Most of these answers decided whether they were surprised simply on the basis of
the agreement or lack of it, rather than by trying to explain why. Indeed, any such explanation was
almost bound to take answers into the top level, as here candidates decided whether they were
surprised using their contextual knowledge of the Sinhalese-Tamil conflict – in effect, they used
cross-reference to background knowledge, rather than to other sources.
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