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Sec 3 His SBQ 2010

posted Oct 21, 2010 04:37:32 by timeisnot4waiting
Sir, for the c qn (how far does source C (Stalin wanted to burn the book) prove source source D(Krushchev's speech) reliable ?) , I said:

Critically source C does not prove source D is reliable. Source D was made by Krushchev in the Communist Party in 2/1956 which was 3 years after Stalin's death. Khrushchev could easily use what Stalin said in 1938 to criticise and slander Stalin. Obviously, he wanted to potray Stain as being unduely self-prasing to defame Stalin so that he could start his new rule.

Is my answer acceptable ?
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hongyijun94 said Oct 22, 2010 13:04:08
Um, you are trying to prove is that source D is unreliable; however the question implicitly states that [how] and not [is] hence you are supposed to base your judgment on the reliability of C and not D.

If C is reliable, it does prove something about D
If C is unreliable, it cannot prove anything about D
hongyijun94 said Oct 22, 2010 13:06:17
[how]* = how far does source c prove that source D is reliable
[is]* = is source D reliable
khookymonster said Oct 22, 2010 13:16:07
thanks yijun. my sentiments too. having "uncovered" the purpose of D (khrushchev wants to tralalala) does not help us answer the question "does c prove that D is reliable". really the issue is whether C proves/does not prove AND NOT whether D is reliable/unreliable. take note. also keep to the core business ie. CONTENT + valid CR. CDA only when u hv done the basics.
timeisnot4waiting said Oct 23, 2010 02:51:05
Hmm! it's not like what u have thought! I'm not trying to prove the reliability of source D. In fact, Im using the relativity of time between the sources. One is 1938 while the other is 1956. The way I used is similar the the way the ans scheme of sec 4 prelim 1 2010 introduced to us. The qn was " how far does source D help u decide if Khrushchev was telling the truth in source E? " And the ans also used the relativity of time. Castro's speech is made in ... Khruschev could easily use this to explain bla bla bla!
khookymonster said Oct 23, 2010 04:50:02
your re-explanation is acceptable since the focus is really on the benefit of hindsight bias. good point in fact! my bad that was not what i understood from your initial post. However i would say that C proves D is reliable since C is from 1938 and D is from 1956 and Khruschev could use what stalin had written to prove his point: that stalin likes to interfere = he is a dictator-egomaniac.
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