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Define the terms in SEQ

posted Oct 23, 2010 05:36:28 by Natdanai
Sir, when exactly do we know when do we need to define the terms in SEQ? And is it specially restricted to only SS?
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hendrikboerner said Oct 23, 2010 11:36:14
I THINK defining a term in an SEQ is to help you if you need to link. So if the questions is a bit difficult to link, you make a starting paragraph and define a few things about what you intend to use to link, so that you can link later in the SEQ easier. So basically I THINK it is used when you need help linking. Lets see what Mr Khoo says.
khookymonster said Oct 23, 2010 12:22:22
hendrik is so rite again! thx comrade. pls dun do a what is osmosis definition. we don't do what is ohm's law definition in ss/he is get marks for it.

u "define" when there are an underlying set of circumstance, knowledge and assumption u hv to establish in order to make your answering of the question complete aka linking. eg. rising expectation for quality healthcare in sg and uk is different, or reasons for 64 riots. you "define" when it is evident and understood that the examiner wants to test your ability to demonstrate-explain a co-relation between a given factor and a given consequence or a given reason and a given result.

you "define" a given factor by giving examples, evidence, key words and concepts associated with the factor eg. electoral system. you "define" the given consequence by using alternative key words, evidence or characteristics to demonstrate that you know what that consequence means in that specific context eg. rise of venice (means? expand on the idea). you shall not cut and paste the complement (or the object) of the sentence in your answers taking for granted everyone knows what it means. its your responsibility is to expand and explain. that;s why u get rewarded for it.

and don't define osmosis.
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